A year on from the birth of Cut The Blue Wire and the digital release of their first single "Everest" on AlcoPop Records on May 12th, Kat took this opportunity to catch up with guitarist Rhys Hounsell to look back on the last year. Discussing the secrets to their success, the summer tour and E.P. release; 2008 is shaping up to be as eventful a year as 2007.

Interview started 19:00pm 14/05/08
KAT says: Thanks for having a chat with BE.net. So rhys, what is going on at camp Blue Wire at the minute. have you started writing or are you having abit of down time before the summer?
RHYS says: Well we just released "Everest" as our first single through Alcopop! which is cool, we're just finishing up some new material for the Cd thats coming out in august, some oldies and some newies hopefully will feature, it will be like a 6 track mini album deal. Aside from that just gigs and practicing, gotta love it!

KAT says: wicked! you touched on a few things i'd like to talk about actually. Lets begin with the new single Everest. What has been the response so far? Was there ever a struggle picking which track was going to be the almighty make or break first single?
RHYS says: [laughs] i think so far the response has been good, people seem to be loving it, it was kind of a joint decision between us and the label as Everest is a decent 2 minute pop track essentially, makes for good listening!

KAT says: that brings me to my next point. AlcoPop records. It was March i believe you joined the family? how has that changed how the band progresses if at all? Do you feel yourself being stricter with writing and practising etc?
RHYS says: personally i dont think it has changed a whole deal, it means we have some lovely people to bounce ideas off of, and obviously they are relesasing stuff for us which is nice, they are a lovely bunch at Alcopop and generally help us in any way they can which is awesome, i think we were just getting to the point where we needed something like this to happen to help us along and its definately helping us progress a bit.

KAT says: So you think it was a good move at this somewhat early stage of the band?
RHYS says: definately, its always good to surround yourself with a good team of people you work well with and especially you feel you can trust to look out for your best interests, we definately have that trust with alcopop!

KAT says: It has been just over a year since the band was formed. Do you feel that the band is still going through a "teething process" if you will, most bands go through or do you think the band has achieved what was aimed for since day one?
RHYS says: i think its come together a hell of alot more recently but overall i think we've been hitting what we wanted to achieve for a while now, every band grows and i think we're just the same.

KAT says: So is there any temptation to experiment with the band's sound? is there anything you're itching to do? any banjos or rave interludes to come? [laughs]
RHYS says:[laughs] not as of yet, although we're working up to the 84 guitarsts 10 drummers 100 bassists and everything between to make a rock symphony [laughs]

KAT says: [laughs] fantastic! i feel sorry for the producer of such a record.
RHYS: [laughs] i also. Considering we wouldn't be able to pay them or the performers!

KAT says: we can both agree, as im sure anyone would knowing just what has went on this year with yourselves would agree, that 2007 was one busy year. lets take it back to where to started really. "Get out of the road" and "Forced Enjoyment". Did you expect these tracks to be as popular as they were and the start of something bigger? It was with these tracks you got industry interest wasnt it?
RHYS says: Not really! we did this for a laugh to start with to see if we could all do something we hadn't done before. It did get us a level of interest, well the tracks and my big internet site abusing mouth, aside from that, we're stoked that it's gone on to be a lot more but we didnt anticipate it.

KAT says:You have recently completed a tour with Blue Sky Summer and are going to heading back on the road with The Getaway Team in July. Are you looking forward to being back on the road? Is there anything you would like to do differently on this tour from your previous experience? Drink less? or drink more maybe? [laughs]
RHYS says: yeah we're looking forward to it! maybe a bit less of the stupid driving distances and definately more beer hands down, less remembered would be cool! [laughs], the BSS(Blue Sky Summer) tour was our first proper one and we loved it! The Getaway Team are also our buddies and we are well looking forward to that aswell. We also have got a couple of wicked tours coming up later this year which you should keep an eye out for but we'll keep those hush hush for now!

KAT says: oooh cheeky! so what would you say has been your fondest tour memory? and what has been the worst?
RHYS says: Fondest would be tour with the BSS boys, they were awesome fun and the tour was immensely fun, best week of my life so far hands down, the worst? driving to london in the back of hoeys car (he owns an old micra!) while we were all hanging (english slang for "hungover" apparently!) to meet some lawyer types, that was a bit hellish, that or hoey. Yeah just hoey in general.

KAT says: [laughs] some may say you like to bully hoey or are you terribly misunderstood?
RHYS says: i think im justified. i may bully hoey but he will ALWAYS get me back when im too drunk or passed out thats a given, so the balance is restored.

KAT says: the TGT(The Getaway Team) tour is also coinciding with the release of the new EP you mentioned. is that right?
RHYS says: yeah TGT tour is rough the same kinda time, just before so we'll whack a fair bit of promotion for the cd into that tour i'd imiagine.

KAT says: Awesome. Now, its not going to be long before someone comes along and puts some sort of tag to your music. whether it be "christian-jazz-rock-lounge-metal" or "two-step-vegetariancore-electro-trance-pop". I love what Penny Black Music said "post emo pop? pop-progmo? this is a sound waiting for a catchy name to be pinned on it." how would you desribe your sound in your own opinion?
RHYS says: well the best tag we've been given to date would be by XFM, and thats "Fightpop". i'd agree with that wholeheartedly, we got good pop sensibilites but we're heavier than your average, and as witnessed at Mertsham, we do make people fight! [laughs]

KAT says: So if we sat down for this interview this time next year, what would you have liked to achieved by then?
RHYS says: [pauses for thought] more fans, more touring, more fun and more releases would be cool, i'd like to get on a massive tour that would be awesome! Aside from that just having a good laugh would suffice, it seems to be sorting itself out more and more as the days go on, so hopefully come this time next year i'll be doing nothing but chillaxing and doing the band , yeah in my wildest dreams!!

KAT says: I'd like to finish up with some quickfire fun questions rhys! Firstly, who is the bossiest in the band?
RHYS says: Andy(Andy Vincent- bassist) . Hes "authorotative".

KAT says: who spends the most time infront of the mirror?
RHYS says: DD hands down.

KAT says: who washed the least on the tour with BSS?
RHYS says: probably me oooor hoey.

KAT says: what is the most "rock n roll" thing you've done at one of your shows? pre/post set?
RHYS says: Apparently been part of a venue getting shut down, the police turning up and a road getting closed down.

KAT says: [laughs] what show was that or are you not at liberty to discuss!
RHYS says: the Merstham F.C. one last night of the BSS tour, it was so bad BlueSkySummer didint even get to play!

KAT says: yikes! bit of a touchy subject then! So we've reached the final part of the interview! the two BESTENEMIES.NET fun questions! woo! Lets start with the old desert island question! What 3 things would you take with you?
RHYS says: erm a hot girl (anyone will do), unlimited food and unlimited water. [laughs] them be ingredients for some fun times!

KAT says: [laughs] you've thought of this before haven't you!
RHYS says: maybe!

KAT says: seems like a pretty reasonable 3 things to bring!
RHYS says: indeed it would if 2 of them existed and i could get the other one. I'll let you work that out!

KAT: And finally the dream team question! If you could be in a band with anyone in the world who would it be? and to make it awkward u must make up a full band!!
RHYS: oooooh jesus, Nuno fomr A Wilhelm Scream on vocals, Chris Pennie/gil sharone, drums form Dillinger Escape plan.

KAT: and on bass?
RHYS: bass ermmmmmmm [pauses for a moment more] probably Brian from A Wilhelm Scream as well, he's sick as fuck! and on gutiar 2, i'd have Pin from sikth or Thomas Erak of Fall Of Troy.

KAT:ahhh nice one! good choices all round i reckon! Well Rhys thank you for talking to me this evening! good luck with the single "Everest" and the upcoming tour with The Getaway Team!
RHYS: Cheers lovverr!!

interview ended 19:58pm 14/05/08

"Everest" is out now, available for download from ITunes. Also look out for the Cut The Blue Wire July tour with The Getaway Team kicking off July 24 2008 at The Boiler Room, Guildford.
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