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About Kyle

Kyle Murphy

A graphic designer from Northern Ireland (living in Northern England), with a passion for making web pretty, design for print and brand creation.

Kyle Murphy Graphic Designer

I do not consider myself just a Graphic Designer, I am a problem solver, after all, that’s what 99% of design is about, right? Problem Solving!

I have an acute awareness of contemporary and relevant design in my current practice, and I constantly expand my knowledge of todays gadgets, gizmos and technologies.

I am a bit of a nerd really, but that comes with the territory, doesn’t it?

My speed of work, willingness to learn, attention to detail, effortless ability to multitask and friendly manner make me a great guy to work with on any creative project.

I have been in love with ‘design’ since I was about 16 years old and his GCSE Art & Design teacher decided to give the class free reign over a module, and at that time, I was quite openly obsessed with computers. Because of this Art module, I decided to try and somehow wangle being on a computer into his art module, and so my love and discovery of graphic design was born.

As well as working freelance over the past 6 years (and continues to do so), I have had the opportunity to work with two of Northern Ireland’s elite design agencies, namely AV Browne in Belfast during my A-Level studies and then onto Darragh Neely (design works) in Bangor.

I recently moved to England to take a position with liquid solution based in Liverpool, an opportunity that I grabbed with both hands, because I knew it was an essential step to take to further my career and knowledge of the bigger, badder world of design. It has also opened many doors and introduced myself to some big national and international brands, of which I have hugely enjoyed working with.

Until recently, I have not used account managers in work or while freelancing. When I ‘take on’ a job of any size, the job becomes my own, no matter what shape or size. That job would then be taken from initial brief to completion without fumble, building that all important vital rapport that is sometimes lost with the intervention of some account managers.

This attribute of ‘not using’ account managers was not a personal request, but just an essential part of the previous studio’s I have worked in. The ability to manage a job from start to finish is one of the attributes that I personally prides myself on.

Away from the world of design, Kyle has 3 main passions. Rugby Union, Music and Space.